Limited only by the imagination.

At Anchor® we know to bring more people in you have to stand out. That’s why we help turn the tables on ordinary with inventive products and innovative ways to serve them.

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Original Favorites

From core favorites to innovative items, you can trust the quality of Anchor—the leading appetizer brand.1

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Endless Opportunities

Anchor® products work across the menu as appetizers, snacks, small plates, toppers and even garnishes.

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Profitable Ideas

Our imaginative menu ideas feature high-margin foods that pair perfectly with high-margin beverages to increase checks and profits.

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Where Creativity Meets Practicality

Bring Inspiring Ideas to Life Anchor®

Classic Favorites to Intriguing Inventions

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1Based on brand penetration of pepper, cheese and vegetables from Breaded Appetizer Category AA&U Report, August 2015

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