Introducing Three New Anchor-iginal Ideas

Extraordinary food starts with the freshest, finest ingredients—and a big imagination. That’s how we’ve turned classic favorites like chips and dip into new Chip ‘n’ DippersTM and popular portabella mushrooms into Portabella Artisan Cheese Bites.

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Spinach & Artichoke Chip ‘n’ DippersTM

Looking for a new spin on an old favorite? How about dip inside a crispy wonton chip? This unique new innovation is stuffed with creamy, savory spinach & artichoke dip for a one-bite experience guests love.

Try serving these hot, crispy triangles as a stand-alone starter or add your own dip or toppings for a small plate guests will keep coming back for.

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Loaded Nacho Chip ‘n’ DippersTM

Turn nachos outside-in with these crispy, meat- and queso-filled wonton chips. An exceptionally unique offering, they mash-up traditional flavors with an all-new form guests love.

Put these new guest favorites on the menu as starters or small plates and watch how an inventive take on a menu standby can really turn heads.

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Portabella Artisan Cheese Bites

A rich blend of provolone and asiago cheeses combine with savory diced portabella mushrooms inside a crispy garlic panko breadcrumb coating in these artisan bites. This flavorful combination brings trendy flavors together with premium, artisanal ingredients that deliver a big impact in every small bite.

Satisfy your guests’ cravings for adventure with this sophisticated twist on a patron favorite—cheese—as an appetizer, small plate or even part of an entrée!

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