Meet the Newest Anchor-iginal Flavors
Extraordinary food starts with the freshest, finest ingredients—and a big imagination. That’s how we turned classic favorites like Poppers into surprising bacon-packed favorites, real Wisconsin cheese curds into can't-miss breaded bites and more.
Anchor® Spicy Breaded Wisconsin Cheese Curds
With consumers more interested in spicy flavors than ever before, these fresh Wisconsin cheese curds are sure to be a hit.

Made with fresh Wisconsin cheese curds that are lightly coated in a signature spicy breading, these cheesy bites deliver authentic house-made appeal with a spicy kick in every irresistible bite.
Anchor® Breaded Wisconsin Cheese Curds
Wisconsin is known for cheese. Anchor® is known for appetizer perfection. Put the two together and you’ve got the best melt-in-your-mouth experience on menus today. Made with fresh Wisconsin cheese curds that are lightly breaded, these cheesy bites look house-made to deliver authentic goodness in every bite.

A unique topping, a stand-out appetizer, or an upcharge-worthy side—cheese curds create new menu opportunity across the board.
Anchor® Poppers® – Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Breaded Stuffed Jalapeños
The blend of rich cheddar cheese and spicy jalapeños is now even bolder with the addition of real savory, smoky bacon.

Imagine serving them on your menu as a premium side, shareable appetizer, quick snack and more.
Anchor® Poppers® – Cream Cheese & Bacon Breaded Stuffed Jalapeños
All of the crunchy, creamy, spicy goodness of Original Cream Cheese Jalapeño Poppers, now has savory, smoky bacon packed inside for unprecedented deliciousness.

Try serving these flavor-packed Poppers as an appetizer with dip or in more adventurous ways like featured on a sandwich!
Spicy Pickle Fries
These thin cut pickles are lightly coated in a premium cornmeal batter with a kick of spicy mustard for the perfect snack, appetizer or premium side for your heat seeking guests.

Serve them simply with ranch or spice up your loaded nachos—the possibilities are endless.