June 14, 2018
As we look at the second half of 2018, we want to help you spot those trends that present real and growing opportunities. These aren’t the here-today-and-gone-tomorrow trends. We’re talking about lasting, impactful food trends to help you deliver on what your customers really want. Check out these three key areas with flavor-inspired ways to drive traffic and increase revenue this year and beyond.
There’s so much to love about breakfast! That’s why it’s time to say goodbye to the 10:30 cutoff. Patrons want the morning and all its glory—all day. As breakfast traffic continues to grow over every other daypart, this presents a real opportunity for operators. By offering breakfast throughout the day, you can capitalize on the nearly 60% of consumers that say they would eat out more frequently if breakfast items were offered on more lunch and dinner menus (SOURCE: 2018 Technomic). With just a few key ingredients, you can wake up your menu with the excitement of all-day breakfast. Drive traffic and boost sales with these repeat-worthy flavor combinations.
  • Bacon-Pecan Caramel French Toast - French toast sticks dusted with powdered sugar, then drizzled with ancho-caramel sauce and topped with chopped pecans and candied bacon.
  • Breakfast Poutine - Crispy sea salt & black pepper seasoned tots topped with Wisconsin cheese curds, chopped green onions and Southern-style sausage gravy.
  • Heart Attacker Burger -A Texas Toast patty melt topped with sausage gravy, cheddar cheese and scallions – savory, red-seasoned potato cubes come along for the ride.


Let’s be real. Breakfast food this delicious should not be bound by time or daypart. Go the way of all-day breakfast and be sure to let your customers know with table tents, napkin inserts and more. Use The Customizer Live™ for a wide variety of custom materials to get you started.

Take it from us. The takeout and delivery trend is here to stay. To-go orders are on the rise and projected to keep climbing. And the really great thing about takeout is that check averages are typically higher than dine-in orders. Now is the time to build your to-go menu, keeping in mind consumer expectations for quality and consistency along the way. Here are some ideas for products and packaging techniques to ensure your food is good to go.
Live up to the dine-in expectations of your customers with fries that will stay crispy and hot for the ride. McCain® Flavorlasts® Fries are The Anywhere Fry™ made with cuts that retain heat and a coating that preserves crispiness.
When taking orders over the phone—or ideally through an online ordering app—be sure to upsell with premium sides, appetizers or toppers. Leading chains report higher check totals for delivery orders made through their apps than by dine-in guests.
Now, let’s talk packaging. This is just as important as offering the right products. For hot, crispy fries every time, it’s essential to prevent moisture buildup in their packaging and to choose fry cuts that retain heat well. By simply using the right packing techniques, you can maintain a great fry experience without the need for special containers.
  • To keep the heat, use napkins to insulate and consider lids and other means to keep food fully covered.
  • To preserve crispness and remove moisture, use vented containers and place absorbent napkins between layers.
People are crazy about craft beer. It’s a beverage obsession that, in just 4 years, has grown 16% on menus compared to domestic and imported beers that are declining (SOURCE: Datassential MenuTrends™). And, of course, consumers love food too, so it only makes sense to couple the two offerings. In fact, 71% of consumers look for complementary foods when choosing a craft beer at restaurants and bars (SOURCE: Nielsen Craft Beer Insights Poll (CP), June 2017). By pairing what we call true beer foods with craft beer, the complementary flavors create better guest experiences. Here are just a few pairing suggestions to get your menu started.
  • Amber Ale – the caramel notes and toasty malt flavor of an Amber Ale go great with rich, aromatic, spicy and smoked foods. Look at The Obvious Choice or our Spicy Pickle Fries for inspiration.
  • IPA – a bready, grainy malt flavor with prominent hoppy aroma and bitter finish pairs well with intensely flavorful, highly spiced dishes. See our Jalapeño Beer-Cheese Burger and IPA Ring Toss.
  • Stout – the prevalent roasted chocolate and coffee flavors of a Stout complement nuttiness and braised, caramelized dishes with brown, savory sauces. Check out our Dublin-er Tots Poutine or cheese curds with a stout sauce.


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