June 15, 2018

Food experts are always willing and ready to share their predictions for trends they expect to see in upcoming months.

However, there’s one thing that’s always trending in foodservice operations: classic dishes with interesting flavors. Combining trending flavors with classic preps is a surefire way to find success and generate excitement.

Read our report on the five trends that will help you drive traffic and generate revenue through the back half of the year.

  1. Savory Breakfasts - Explore ideas that could be the breakfast du jour of 2018.
  2. Health-Conscious "Fries" - Offering breaded and battered vegetables (the fastest growing appetizer on menus) in a French fry cut with house-made condiments is a low-risk way to test your customers' tastes.
  3. Seasonal Influence and Inspiration - Seasonal flavors for the summer months include cherries, corn, cucumber, eggplant, lemon, peaches, Swiss chard and tomatoes.
  4. Ethnic Flavors - lower-risk way to incorporate ethnic flavors on a menu is to infuse house favorites with foreign spices, condiments or ingredients.
  5. Loaded Potatoes - Here you can bring it all together. Try mixing some of the seasonal or ethnic inspiration found in this report to create your own, unique loaded options.


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