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More than half of customers are interested in food and beverage pairings when dining out.1 When you entice dinner guests to order an appetizer, alcoholic beverage and an entrée, check averages are 47% higher than average!2 Get more details about how you can set your menu apart and increase check averages with pairings.

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There are countless ways to pair food and drinks on your menu. Here are some unique ideas to differentiate your pairings from the competition.


Encourage bigger orders from the 58% of guests who like to order appetizers by suggesting a perfectly paired beverage.3



Spiced Sweet Potato Fries


Big Texan

McCain® Harvest Splendor® Maxi Cut Sweet Potato Fries


Offer samples of small appetizer and drink flights—samples are the #1 way to motivate guests to try new menu items.4



Fry Flight


Craft Beer Trio

Brew City® Beer Battered Thin Cut Fries


Attract groups and drive check averages by pairing shareable snacks with pitchers of drinks for the table.



Jalapeño Poppers


Pitcher of Margaritas

Anchor® Poppers® Fire-Roasted Poblano and Jalapeño Popper Bites, Original Cream Cheese and Original Cheddar Cheese Breaded Stuffed Jalapeños

bar bites

Recognized by chefs as a top trend,5 small plates are an easy way to upsell guests at the bar—helping you add food to every tab.

bar bites


Chicken and Waffle Sliders


Craft Beer

McCain® Flavorlast® Cross Trax®

Choose from three professionally designed promotions that will help bring pairings to life at your operation with customizable table tents and menus:

flavor flights

Flavor Flights

Bring the joy of tasting new foods and new drinks together with flights of perfectly paired portion-flexible appetizers and sample-friendly bar drinks.



Invite guests to find the best mate for their plates using pre-paired recommendations on a custom limited time offer menu and table tent.

double delicious

Double the Delicious

Enhance every guest experience by offering food that makes every drink twice as good.

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View versatile products that easily pair with beers, cocktails and mocktails to make dining more delicious and more fun.

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2NPD Group, 2015.
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