Restaurant Server Training: Empower Your Servers to Sell More

Restaurant Server Training

As pressure and competition increase, a well-trained, sales-focused staff can be a great force in helping your restaurant achieve success. The tools, resources and insights from McCain® Foodservice can help your waiters employ new ways to better serve your guests—and improve your bottom line.

Webinar: Smarter Servers, More Profitable Sales

Webinar: Smarter Servers, More Profitable Sales

Explore this webinar hosted by industry professionals. They discuss important topics affecting how your servers contribute to your profitability. You can jump to different topics as well as download a key takeaways PDF for quick reference.

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5 Ways Servers Can Sell More Beverages

Give your servers new tactics to help them decrease water orders and increase drink sales. Selling more high-margin beverages is a smart tactic in improving profitability.

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These insights and recommendations can help you train new servers as well as give existing staff a refresher on how important their role is in your success.

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