3 All-Day Breakfast Innovations Operators Should Try

According to Technomic, almost 60% of consumers would eat out more frequently if breakfast items were offered on more lunch and dinner menus.

Breakfast is simple to explain and simple to execute for most chain restaurants, but many independent operators struggle to find the right menu items (or equipment) to offer breakfast at every daypart.

But, the rise of all-day breakfast opens up a vast array of menuing opportunities and provides a way to drive traffic and boost sales. Here are three all-day breakfast innovations you should try in your chain and independent restaurants:


Bowls have been rising in popularity and enable you to provide the flavors guests love with the sustenance they’re looking for. Bowls also provide myriad creative culinary opportunities for chefs looking for a way to enhance their offerings.

You can offer anything from acai bowls to ancient grain bowls to on-trend ethnic bowls, like the Mexi-Breakfast Bowl. This flavorful bowl includes crisp McCain® Redstone Canyon®  Hash Brown Cubes covered in cheese sauce and spicy chorizo sausage, with a dollop of sour cream – perfect for any time of day. Bowls offer a way to use those ingredients you already have – in a unique application.

Twist on a Classic.

Keeping the menu simple and using known breakfast ingredients, but adding a touch of new flavor, makes all-day breakfast achievable for any restaurant. An easy-to-eat meal that delivers in flavor and comfort will keep guests coming back for more.

The Smoked Ham Breakfast Biscuits include three buttermilk biscuits layered with a hash brown patty, smoked ham, scrambled eggs, roasted red peppers, arugula and melted Cheddar. This menu offering provides guests a classic breakfast sandwich feel, but takes flavor to the next level by adding roasted red peppers and arugula.

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Regional Menus.

Regional menus give you the opportunity to make your restaurant unique and can be as easy as utilizing one of four regions – Southeast, Southwest, Northeast or Northwest. Foods in different parts of the country have major cultural and flavor variations offering guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

Try capitalizing on this trend with Breakfast PoutineCrispy Sea Salt & Black Pepper seasoned tots topped with real Wisconsin cheese curds, chopped green onions and drizzled with savory, authentic white sausage gravy.

For additional insights, menuing ideas and more, download the McCain® All Day Breakfast Guide.