In 1957, Wallace and Harrison McCain, along with their brothers Robert and Andrew, founded McCain® Foods. Today, with the hard work of over 20,000 employees across six continents, one in every three fries in the world is a McCain® Foods fry.

Since our humble beginnings, McCain® Foods has expanded our offerings ​​​​​​​and our reach. Everything from appetizers to sweet potato fries can be found in restaurants and supermarket freezers across the country.

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Locations in the USA

In the United States, the company has eleven production facilities and approximately 3,800 employees.

Career Opportunities

Our products are only as good as the people who put them out there. We’re always looking for bright people to join our hard-working team. Take a look at our current openings now.



Good Business

From the start, the McCain brothers had a simple belief: good ethics is good business. It still guides our family company and the result is good business, well conducted. Long-lasting relationships, built on trust and respect, are perhaps the greatest thing we make.


It's All About the Food

Like you, our chefs make great-tasting, on-trend food their mission. With more than six decades of culinary knowledge between them, and a rich history of menu planning, flavor pairings and generating profits, our chefs are committed to innovative ideas that are practical for your operation.