Crispy Fries.
Made To Deliver.

Takeout and delivery aren’t going anywhere, but your restaurant’s fries need to. McCain® SureCrisp® fries give your customers the fry experience they crave. Now your
to-go orders can go the distance.

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Your fries say a lot about your business.
See why a crispy fry for delivery is critical:
Here’s your golden opportunity.

Off-premises business is more important than ever, and McCain® SureCrisp® fries were made for the job.

Delivery is essential.

Nearly 60% of U.S. diners order take out once a week.¹ Are your fries prepared for the trip home?

Stay crispy. Keep control.

Your food is your vision. And these fries deliver the dining experience you set out to create — anywhere.

Earn repeat orders.

The quality of your product is a reflection of your business, and when your fry-loving customers get their fix, they’re sure to come back for more.

Nail your off-premises
dining experience and
customers will notice.

To see how a crispy fry can strengthen your to-go
business, check out our Crispy Fry Guide.

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When Ozzie’s to-go orders increased, they needed a fry that could travel well.

As soon as Lefty’s Cheesesteak switched to McCain® SureCrisp® fries, their customers took notice.

1. National Restaurant Association, “State of the Restaurant Industry Report 2023,” February 28, 2023