Brew Quotes: What BrewChefs Are Saying About Brew City®

A Dependable Fry

Consistency is a quality every chef strives for in their kitchens. Brew City® helps deliver just that.

James Slack from Ucello’s Ristorante says, “Brew City is a great quality product. They have consistency year-round, month to month to month to month. Every time you open a bag of Brew City fries and drop them in the fryer, you know what you’re getting out.” He goes on to explain, “From the size to the color, to the flavor. It’s a great product.”

The Importance of a Good Fry

Being known for a signature item is impactful in creating loyalty and repeat visits. Dan Carter, the owner of Galloway Grill in Springfield, Missouri, recognized that strategy when he was first opening his restaurant.

“I knew that I was going to use Brew City fries before I knew which ground beef and which bun I was going to use. And that’s the truth.”

Now that he’s been serving them for a while, he’s not likely to switch. “I would never change my fries because they’re something people keep coming back for time and time again.”

As James Slack also points out, a quality French fry sets the stage for the rest of the meal. “The first thing you touch when you get your food is going to be your fries or your side. Nobody picks up their sandwich first. You eat a fry, and if the fry is not perfect, your sandwich is not perfect.”

What It’s Worth

Satisfying customers is the name of the game, but having the right fries on your menu has a big impact on your bottom line as well. James Slack from Ucello’s says, “We actually sold 3 times as many Brew City fries as house-fried potato chips. The potato chips we’re giving them free, and the French fries they actually pay $.99 for so I think that’s a pretty good testament to the quality of the product right there.”

Share the Good Times

Getting in on the small plates and shareable menu items movement is easy with the right products from Brew City. Garry Boyd of HopCat says, “We do a real serious mac ‘n’ cheese thing, French fries, tons of different appetizers that are good in a bar situation, good to share. Order something and share it with the person next to you.”

See What Brew City Can Do for Your Restaurant

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