How to capitalize on
snacking in QSRs.

Snacking is on the rise. Just look at the numbers from March to this past June. Afternoon and evening snacking was up 5 percent, all because days and times are blurring, routines are being adjusted and customers are eating lunch later and dinner earlier1. Here are a few QuickTips to help you make the most of this snacking trend.

Make your snacks familiar. Make them crave-able.

Consumers want familiar favorites. That’s what they’re looking for. It’s why reinvented classics with quality ingredients, expert artisanship and a new twist are doing so well.

Look at Taco Bell® with its “Grilled Cheese Burrito” or Dunkin’s® “Chicken, Bacon and Cheese Croissant Stuffers.” Both of those items came out during the coronavirus pandemic, and both prove that people are searching for crave-able comfort and a bit of added excitement with recognizable menu items delivered in a buzzworthy new way.

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Get good at to-go.

To capitalize on the snacking trend, your menu has to travel well. Before the pandemic, 71 percent of adults were ordering off-premise. Today, that number is up to 90 percent.2

Offering products that taste as great at home as they do in your restaurant is the key to success. McCain snacks, like SureCrisp™ Fries, Cheese Curds and Stuffed Jalapeños, are a perfect example. They’ll keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Power up your promotions.

Reel in off-premise customers with engaging and enticing social posts. Create a drive-thru promotion. Offer discounts. Then use on-premise promotional materials to bring people in and move product. Window clings, yard signs and counter signage grab attention, create interest and help your employees upsell. For example, we noticed consumers are eating more often between the hours of 2-4 p.m. It’s why we have created “dunch” and developed promotional signage and social tactics that you can use to help drive traffic. Order your materials here.

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More McCain means more success.

Today, McCain offers a variety of products that travel well and are the perfect snack to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Giving your customers and your business what they both want. Try some of these McCain products and see how they can help your operation:

For more tips and ideas, or to learn more about all our McCain products, talk to your local McCain sales representative today. To find one near you, visit us at

NPD Crest, YE June 2020.

2NPD Crest, 6 months ending August 2020.


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