One Product: Five Applications – Operators Can Make More With Less

Items like specialty fries are spiking on appetizer menus1 as operators repurpose ingredients to boost profits. McCain® Dip’n Wedges™ help you increase check averages and profits. From upcharges for premium sides and savings gained from using Dip’n Wedges™ as an inexpensive center of the plate ingredient to swapping out old standbys like fries and chips for new takes on old favorites, the choice is easy. Versatility enables operators to capitalize on consumer trends and satisfy their many taste buds. Here are four easy-to-implement applications to make more with less in your restaurant.  


Fuel the consumer’s desire for a social occasion with appetizers and small plates that are easy to share. Shareables are an excellent platform for innovation, presenting an opportunity to menu trendy and cutting-edge items such as novel cuts, ethnic items and flavor mashups.

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  1. Add Dippin’ Dudes to extend your menu possibilities by pairing V-cut Dip’n WedgesTM potato scoops with a trio of savory dipping sauces: bacon gravy, Sriracha Thousand Island dressing and Maggi mayo.
  2. For a starter option with high style, serve a Wedge-cuterie Board of McCain® Dip’n WedgesTM V-Shaped Potato Scoops with sliced sausages and cheeses – plus ramekins of Thai chili ketchup, horseradish mustard and 5-peppercorn mayo.
  3. These craveable and cute Potato Chorizo “Tacos” combine Mexican chorizo, onions, salsa and cilantro, and will be a hit at the table.


The only way to make McCain® Dip’n Wedges™ even better is to load them up. Whether it’s with queso, BBQ or a fried egg, loaded potatoes are an enticing way to offer fare rooted in the familiar but with a twist. Offer them as an appetizer, a small plate or even a hearty meal.

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  1. Convert versatile, V-cut McCain® Dip’n WedgesTM potato scoops into a profitable appetizer with the Dip n-Quiles with Mushrooms which pairs potatoes with mushrooms, tomatillo salsa, red onions, sour cream and creamy queso fresco.
  2. A take on the Spanish dish, Patatas bravas, the Patatas con Pollo starts with McCain® Dip’n WedgesTM potato scoops and is topped with roasted chicken, garlic mayo and smoky tomato sauce.

Guests desire new, on-trend food experiences but are seeing a sea of sameness when dining out. Operators can win over guests by menuing these unique items which will help them stand out in today’s challenging marketplace. Try McCain® Dip’n Wedges™ Potato Scoops and make more with less.

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