The Evolution of Takeout and Delivery

With delivery being the key to incremental growth, operators can’t afford to compromise quality. McCain® SureCrisp™ fries are the only ones needed for dine-in, carryout or delivery. SureCrisp™ fries are consumer-preferred over other clear-coat brands even after 20 minutes on the plate or up to 30 minutes when delivered.* Off-premise continues to grow and offer incremental growth opportunities1. But, don’t just take our word for it.

Shorty Smalls has operated for four decades and serves fries with more than 80% of the menu items.

“The first thing a person does when you deliver a plate of food is they pop a fry in their mouth and that kind of sets the tone,” says Chris Potts. “Well it’s also one of the last things they do and if it’s still hot and it’s still crisp, that’s huge.”

“The other french fries we had used become soggy and limp by the time you get them home. They’re garbage,” adds Chris. “But SureCrispTM fry holds amazing.”

Al Laudencia at Big Al’s BBQ agrees.

“The prior fries were mushy and had a shelf life of about 10 seconds. It made us look bad,” Al says. “The biggest thing for the SureCrispTM fry for me is the crunch and how it maintains the heat longer.”

Claire’s Café is another establishment that tries to maintain the highest quality of food. Claire Johnson claims SureCrispTM is a reason for people to be able to take-out french fries.

“One of the things that keeps a restaurant open is consistency and that’s how I ended up embracing McCain,” says Claire. “People love french fries.”

Don’t let your delivery fries under-deliver. With SureCrispTM, you can be confident your fries will deliver crispness in your place or theirs. McCain® can help make sure you don’t leave quality to chance.

1 Technomic 2018: Next-Level Off-Premise
* Claims based on McCain Proprietary Quantitative Consumer Research, conducted by a 3rd party in October 2018. Consumers tested were 18-54 years old in four cities in CA, IL, NY and TX, who consider themselves regular users of fries in restaurants. Products tested were 3/8” (cooked measurement) straight cut fries for both McCain® SureCrisp™ and nationally branded clear coat competitors in a blind tasting. All items were prepared in accordance with manufacturer cooking instructions. Testing scenarios were 5 minutes out of a fryer, 20 minutes off heat on a plate, and 30 minutes off heat in a delivery setting (product in a fry sleeve, placed in a paper bag and then inside of a closed insulated bag). Conditions for actual delivery vary by delivery driver protocol, distance and climate.