Three Packaging Tips & Tricks for Takeout & Delivery

With the rising popularity of takeout and delivery, it’s a can’t-miss opportunity to grow your business, but executing a takeout and delivery program goes beyond serving the right products. The steam from hot foods can ruin the texture of a crispy fry or appetizer sent out. And even though some menu items travel better than others, the right packaging techniques can go a long way to preserving your food’s quality.

Here are a few quick tips that can make all the difference.

Try fry sleeves to ensure a crispy, delicious fry that holds up in transit.
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To maintain heat and absorb moisture, insert a napkin into the sleeve all the way to the bottom. Leave enough material to fold the napkin over the fries. Insert fries and fold the napkin over the top. Place the fry sleeve upright on top of any burgers or sandwiches in the bag. Roll and seal the bag top for secure travel. For even more reassurance, try SureCrisp™, the clear-coated fry that stays fresh for up to 30 minutes after being taken out of the fryer.

Use existing containers, but adjust for takeout and delivery.


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With the right techniques, you can take the packaging you may already have to help release moisture and keep fries hot and crispy. Use a knife to carefully cut three holes (not slits) in the top and in each of the sides of the clamshell. Wrap a burger or sandwich in foil to retain its heat. Place food in the container with a napkin under the fries to help absorb moisture. Close lid to retain heat and place clamshell in the bag. Roll and seal the bag top for secure travel.

Folded Carton

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To ensure your fries are delivered in optimum condition, first remove the two side flaps to allow the carton to vent. Insert a napkin inside the carton to absorb moisture before inserting food. Wrap the burger or sandwich in foil to retain its heat. Place food in the carton. Fold napkin ends over the top of the food and close the remaining flaps. Place in the bag with additional napkins to further absorb moisture. Roll and seal the bag for secure travel.

Package fries separately from other meal components.

Remember to pack hot and cold items separately. When arranging the bag for delivery, put hot items on the bottom adding extra napkins to help maintain heat. If using fry sleeves, place them at the top of the bag. Always roll up the bag and secure it to keep food hot. 

By incorporating the above tips and tricks, you can reassure guests their takeout or delivery order will be just as good as their dine-in experience. Visit for more takeout and delivery solutions that can help make your program easier and more profitable.