Food insecurity is an ongoing crisis in the United States. An estimated 1 in 8 Americans experiences food insecurity. Among children, that number is 1 in 6.1

That’s what prompted McCain® to join forces with Feeding America® last year. With the support of our operators, we helped provide 1.5 million meals through our Turn the Tables on Hunger™ initiative. This year, your operation can take an active role in feeding families, and spreading awareness about food insecurity. Together as one restaurant community, we will fight to end hunger in the United States.

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Join McCain® Chef Mark Slutzky on this mission to provide meals to families facing hunger.
Feeding America estimates—
38 million
people could face hunger this year.
12 million
could potentially be children.
53 million
people turned to food banks other food assistance programs in 2021.1

[1] Source: Feeding America®, 2022

Hunger does not discriminate. Every community in the nation is home to families who face or are at risk of facing food insecurity. African American, Latino and Native American communities face the greatest risk of food insecurity due to systemic racial injustice.
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We’re committed helping end hunger in the United States—one case of fries or apps at a time. Between January 1, 2023 and March 31, 2023, McCain® will donate $1 to Feeding America for every eligible McCain case of fries or apps sold. $1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. When we hit our goal, we will have helped provide 1.5 million meals to Americans facing hunger. The maximum donation during the promotional period is $150,000.

It’s a win-win.
Today’s consumer appreciates aligning their buying power with businesses who participate in a worthy cause. Turn the Tables on Hunger™ makes it easy for restaurants to adopt and participate in a charitable effort that affects our friends, neighbors, and communities.


Let guests and the restaurant community know about your involvement in this worthy cause. We’ve created a turnkey Social Media Toolkit for operators to create awareness.

Inside you’ll find ready-to-download, customizable social media posts, information on in-person promotion materials, and more, for use during this initiative (January 1- March 31, 2023).

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